Turn off one of the senses. Workout with eyes closed.

10 minutes, eyes completely shut. 20 jumping jacks. 20 squats. 20 push ups. 20 sit-ups. Repeat 4 times. All without opening your eyes. why would I do this? I have been struggling and doing my best with meditation, trying to active mindfulness and presence. I figured if closing the eyes can help during meditation why

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Front loading 3 hours of my day

I am writing today because I am doing something dramatic and a big change in my life. I am going to spend 3 hours daily being selfish Most of us (myself included) wake up, spend a few (or a lot more than few) minutes on toilet with phones in our hands scrolling through the days news,

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Cold showers

I read a post by James Clear a few weeks back (6 to be exact) and in it he was speaking about taking cold showers and how it was the perfect start to his day. The benefits are numerous, increased blood flow, high metabolism, and more energy to get the day going.  Without thinking twice, I decided to try it.

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Failure, happiness and success

I turned 35 this year and for some reason this year feels very different. I say that every year but this year is special. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to analyze my life, and more importantly to LIVE MY LIFE. To spend time with my precious babies and my beautiful wife. I have no income and no itch to try changing the status quo. I’m basically retired. I’m at peace with my life like I have never been before. So I decided to start jotting down my thoughts on the blog which I have neglected for a long time.

Why is it so easy to fail? When someone says “key to happiness is….” do you really believe them? When they say “he’s so successful he has sold two companies for 100’s of millions of dollars” does that make you feel empowered to do something? Sad because you haven’t achieved the same? Jealousy because you know “he got lucky” twice”. In this post i’m going to speak my mind on my last few years and things I have learned being in the startup epicenter, Silicon Valley.

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Hello Verizon and (unhappy)bye Sprint

Why I will never return to Sprint, even though I was once an admirer of the company. Sprint has amazing customer service. That’s where it ends. They are seriously awesome and work well in the city (san francisco) and with unlimited data + talk this is a no brainer! That was part of my Sprint

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Ups, downs & Uncertainty

“Nanak dukhiya sab sansar” — Sikh Kirtan The translation from Gurbani (language of the Sikh gurus) to english translates to this. O nanak, every person in the world has pain and sorrow. Think about all the people you meet in your life. When you engage them in a conversation more so than not the conversation will turn

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Nails, Demand and Startups

Every so often I think back on something my cousin said to me a long time ago while I was visiting India.  This memory randomly just popups in my head so this time I wanted to write down my thoughts.  I think there is also a good takeaway for startups. We were driving on a

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Casino and Stock Market Participants

I am writing this article because after 14+ years of investing, for the first time I feel like i’m in a FIFO crowd (explained below).  I bought in to Facebook at $19 and rode it out to $70+ today.  This is my exit before the herd also leaves. Am I leaving early, very likely. Am I going to be  annoyed when Facebook hits $90, probably.  But being able to dictate to the market my belief and be able to walk away is an amazing feeling and having a 3.5 bagger (350% return) is not a bad time to walk away.

Market is like a casino

Ever walked away from a casino happy that you came? How many times have you won? lost?  I am willing to bet you think you have won more than you have and in-fact most of us have lost money in aggregate. A few painful events at the casino and we tell ourselves

ok this time i’m going to spend $100 and if lose it I walk away (100% lose) or If I am up anything more than $100, I walk (100% return).

We set these boundaries because we know our pain tolerance of losing money, but we rarely know when to walk away, even when we have triggered the 100% return threshold.  Stock market reminds me of a casino where losers are abundant and winners far and few.  Three personalities which come to mind, two are long term losers and only one a winner.

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