Front loading 3 hours of my day

I am writing today because I am doing something dramatic and a big change in my life.

I am going to spend 3 hours daily being selfish

Most of us (myself included) wake up, spend a few (or a lot more than few) minutes on toilet with phones in our hands scrolling through the days news, Whatsapp, and other important items we have missed while we were asleep. We brush our brush our teeth, take a shower and get ready for work. Depending on how the previous night was we may be groggy, tired and rarely well slept.

We hope the kids are still sleeping so we can make some breakfast and perhaps even attempt making lunch for ourselves. We tell ourselves, hurry gotta get to work. During this time, the kids wake up, they are hungry but we are rushing to head out the door, or in these covid times, Log-on to work online.

We go about our day for 8-9 hours some more some I know a lot less (you know who you are if you are reading this). The work day ends and we are exhausted from the day, from “work”, from everything that happened today. So we checkout from work and want some peace and quite, we need it, we crave it. BUT, we have kids and they certainly need attention. As excellent parents we do our best to spend time with them all in hopes they will tire out.

9pm rolls around and the kids are finally in bed. This is now our attempt and chance to take a breather and just relax. Time to open up Netflix, grab your phone, check those social media feeds and relax!

The next 3 hours are going to be mindless time we have been craving all day.

I find that these next 3 hours are my laziest and I don’t want my most tired 3 hours for myself. So I am changing this. This new change is big, it’s going to change the way I wake and sleep.

My one rule for this to work: Focus on myself and be selfish.

I want to that you take the 9pm-12am time which I crave daily and move it to the front of my day.

Benefits of doing this

  1. My 3 best hours are allocated to me
  2. Peace and quiet.
  3. I might just find yourself twiddling your thumbs and end up meditating or reading a book who knows.

Here’s the plan

  1. Go to sleep by 9pm
  2. Wake up 5am.
  3. From 5am – 8am do the things I always want to be but can’t find the time or energy in my day. My hope is I will start to do activities which will provide me personal satisfaction.
    1. I plan to reduce distractions (social media, Whatsapp, news) while focusing on gaining knowledge and bettering my personal mindset.

My first day

  1. I went for a walk and did Paath for 30 minutes
  2. Came home and used headspace app to meditate for 30 minutes (nearly fell asleep doing this).
  3. Started reading this
  4. I want to hold myself accountable so I wrote this post and put it public. Please feel free to ask me how this is going and hold me accountable to this.


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