5 Reasons We Should Work Together

You made it here and seems you’re interested so here I go proving my value.

1) Nothing breeds success like failure.

That’s right, I have failed a lot and am hungry for a win.  A person who has failed many times is far more valuable than someone who succeeds in the first try.  Each startup was a learning experience.  My startup SimplyMatchME (live at www.simplymatchme.com) wrestles with user acquisition & monetization.  The takeaway is that I didn’t have a strong enough user acquisition strategy.  It didn’t help that I did it all myself, rather than making it a team effort.  At HashGo, we had a pie in the sky vision and experimented a lot with different games.  In the end we failed because we never got traction on the games we built.

2) You need someone who thinks about problem first, solution second.

It’s easy to jump in and start coding right away but coding is the EASY part.  Recognition of the problem and a good solution reached via a methodological approach increases productivity and reduces cost.

3) You need a critical thinker.

You are looking for someone who will give thought to your product.  Who will engage with customers, take their valuable feedback.  If you just want someone who is your code monkey, then no point moving any further. I’m NOT YOUR GUY.

4) You need a hands on, modern, full-stack coder.

Frontend – Backbone.js, Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Backend – MySQL, Mongodb, Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose, Amazon Web Services

Mobile – PhoneGap, HTML5 responsive web apps

APIS – Facebook, Twitter, Twilio, Google Maps

Others – ChaplinJS, Brunch, Bower

5) You need to improve your tennis game.

I played competitive tennis at junior (MVP juniors 16’s Northern California) and collegiate (UC Davis) level.  I’m a sports enthusiasts.

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