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Hello startup entrepreneur, let’s start off with flashy headlines like these which inspire and depress us both at the same time :

Ultra-Hot Secret Sharing App Whisper Raises $3 Million From Lightspeed, Trinity, And Others

Secret Raises $10M At A $50M Valuation

Our VC’s, advisors and “smart people with exits” always start their conversations with “this is a great app but….”

Where’s the revenue?

If there’s no revenue how are you going to make money?

What’s your differentiator and value proposition?

Next time I get asked these questions I plan to ask a follow up on if they invested in Whisper or Secret or 100’s of other products which have no revenue model, fairly similar to products already in market and only play is a buyout. Anyhow, I digress.

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Apps this week – Secret & NBC Live Extra

I like to download, use and delete lots of apps and new products. In this weekly column, I write about two products which caught my attention.  This week I am looking at Secret, an anonymous way to speak your mind and NBC Live Extra, a way to watch all the Olympics and other content live on your devices.

Recap from last week

You can read last weeks post here,

Facebook Paper has established a permanent spot on the main page alongside snapchat, google maps, whatsApp and chrome. It’s my goto source for news now, so long google news!

I played Flappy Bird everyday this week multiple times. If I had to put a time on it, I would say I spent about 10-15 minutes each day on average.  I rarely spend any time on games so the fact I wasted more than an hour in a week on this game is a amazing.  The big news out today is that Dong Ngyuen has decided to remove the game from the app store citing concerns that he cannot “ it anymore”.  Who knows the real truth about this. Perhaps he was bought out and buyer wants to keep the purchase underwraps or perhaps he is being strong armed by someone, whatever the reason he created an amazing game!

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Working tirelessly, mid-life crisis and making money

Why do so many of us go to work?  Really have you ever had a weekend to think about why you work tirelessly everyday of your life?  Is it to

Provide a better future for your family?

One day afford that beautiful house you dreamed of?

Have enough saved for retirement?

Perhaps you want to enjoy the treasures of life and money certainly helps in that pursuit?

How much money is enough?  100k? 1 million?

I have been grappling with questions, passion and meaning of success since 2011, when I quit my full-time job at BP-3.  The CTO of BP-3 and a good friend of mine said Hans you’re going through a mid-life crisis and he was right.  I was just 31, old in valley standards, and this early on-set of mid-life crisis has been nothing short of a painful eye opener. When I say painful I mean it in the most amazing way.

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Apps this week – Facebook Paper & Flappy Bird

I like to download, use and delete lots of apps. In this weekly column, I write about two apps which I am trying out for the week.  This week I am trying Facebook’s latest standalone app called Paper and an addicting, frustrating, virally growing mobile game called Flappy Bird

Facebook Paper – Content is King

Facebook Paper

Initial thoughts

Loved the video and audio integration during the tutorial!

Ok, I can actually see myself using this app on a daily basis because i’m sick of opening safari then going to google news!

I wonder how they figure which content to display under the different categories?

A new way to use Facebook!


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Emotional brand connections

Quick, think of the most powerful brands and say their names out loud….what was your answer?

Apple? Google? Facebook? Twitter? Mercedez? BMW? all valid answers. IOS vs Android, Tweets vs Status updates, and Smooth ride of Benz vs Sporty feel of BMW all evoke emotional reactions from the die hard fans.

I’m an apple fanboy and everytime I say something about an iPhone, any android fan around will quickly make sure they are heard about how “shitty” iPhone and IOS is.

“Can your iPhone do this?” to which I usually roll my eyes as if this is not worth an argument (but i’m going to have one anyway). We all know Apple ecosystem is just a beautiful thing.  Truth of the matter is feature by feature the top Android devices and iPhone is very similar.

You can hear people having the same conversation about Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter fan : “oh I just deleted my Facebook account because its just for old people to share pics”

Facebook Fan : “twitter is so annoying, half the time I don’t even know what i’m looking at and why do I have to follow people to see whats going on?”

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Pebble Smartwatch Review – My first day

Pebble Watch


The initial excitement

I won the hackathon along with my team members at a recent Hackathon at Paypal and finally got the pebble in hand last night.  Before the pebble I had one watch which is starting to show its age so getting the pebble is timely. I got the all black pebble and it actually does not scream out “GEEEK”, in-fact the fashion police (my wife) approved the watch with flying colors.

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Mobile App Development

This is a first post of many talking about my experience of bringing IOS into my development stack.

Today i’m going to venture out of my comfort zone, web app development, and into native mobile app development. I have done web dev work for over 15 years now, everything from backend to front-end to responsive mobile web apps but its about time I stop ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

The most challenging first steps

The toughest part about a web developer moving to mobile is the trying to figure out which stack to use. I have repeatedly had the following discussions with myself.

I should utilize my expertise in web dev and build HTML5 apps, wrap them with PhoneGap/Cordova and be done with it.

Since I know javascript, maybe I can use Titanium and build apps for both IOS and Android?

Man why don’t I just invest a strong week and learn IOS or android native development?

You can also search stackoverflow for html5 vs native and read through the healthy discussions.

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