Cold showers

I read a post by James Clear a few weeks back (6 to be exact) and in it he was speaking about taking cold showers and how it was the perfect start to his day. The benefits are numerous, increased blood flow, high metabolism, and more energy to get the day going.  Without thinking twice, I decided to try it.

First few days were hard. I would stand there and think for minutes at a time, trying to convince myself just 5 more seconds and i’ll be ready. When I did finally jump in, it was a shock to the body. I made loud noises, jump around a bit, start talking loudly even singing.

That was week one, after that I ended up in South Lake Tahoe for a camping trip and decided to continue my new adventure of cold showers. This was the shock, camp showers have hot and cold water so I decided to put it on cold. Boy was it COLD. But I was determined. So after thinking about it for 30 seconds I was all in. My body cringed when that 50 degrees water hit, but 20 seconds in, it started feeling really good. I started enjoying the cold water, the feeling of my body shivering a bit. When I walked out, my body had started trying to warm itself up and the cold morning felt warm all of a sudden.

I have maintained my cold showers for about 6 weeks now and don’t have any plans of stopping. It’s gotten much easier, I don’t think twice. I jump in on most days. Some days are colder than others, but overall I LOVE IT. I took on a challenge didn’t think twice and it’s been amazing.

The real test will be in the winter. I’ll be sure to post my status then =)

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